All The Mods 8 18th August Patch Notes

Patch Notes:

  • Expanded Spawn to allow for new plots
  • Formatted Chat to be a bit more refreshing
  • Added ServerCore for less LAG and TPS management
  • GM Config set
  • Achievements are no longer announced in chat.
  • LolImHacking added as GM (Ingame Administrator)
  • OPs can now bypass claims
  • Various config tweaks.

If you’ve forgotten! Below is the challenge!

Members Monthly Challenge:

Challenge: Best Build Aesthetic

Reward: ÂŁ200 (GBP) into a selected PayPal, Payoneer or Steam Account. Direct Bank Transfer for UK Winners only.

To join us in order to get involved with this challenge, please press below, don’t worry if you’re not a member when the server starts, entries are only valid if you are a member at the end date of the challenge. You do not have to participate in this challenge and do your own thing on the server, this is absolutely fine.

  1. Your build must fit inside your plot.
  2. If you require more plots, please request it and something will be worked out 🙂
  3. Team builds are perfectly fine, the money can be split fairly against each other.
  4. Anything underground is not considered part of the base build, meaning if you want to do an aesthetic build above ground, and an elevator for your modded gameplay, the “basement” will not be judged with part of your build, unless you state it should be.
  5. Your build will be judged on September the 8th by an independent judge team who will score it out of 20. The reward will also be paid out on the exact same day.

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