Miralis Coins

Be rewarded for nearly everything you do with us!


Miralis Coin (shorthand: MRLSCoin, mR) is our internal currency system for making transactions; the coins have inherent, non-wavering REAL WORLD VALUE. 133 MIRALIS COINS ARE EXACTLY £1.00 GBP.

You can spend your coins in our members shop, where you can get a wide range of Discord benefits, in-game benefits, and real-world benefits, including gift cards, paypal transfers, and direct bank transfers if you live in the UK.

Gaining Miralis Coin is not difficult by any standards, even a message on discord can net you a chance of getting a coin! You can get coins by:

  1. Simply playing on our servers, breaking blocks in Minecraft, and participating in our free lottery give you the chance to win coins. Within the game, there are usually objectives that can award you with coins as well.
  2. Messaging on the Miralis Discord has a chance to drop a coin.
  3. Using our gambling commands on Discord or by challenging someone to a game.
  4. Winning at operations and PvP events.
  5. Unlocking achievements.

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