Miralis Modpack Update 1.0.4 and Build Showcase


A new update has been deployed on the server, you will have to update your modpack to this version in order to play on our server.

– Added Simple Voice Chat mod – this allows for proximity microphone chat, caps lock is the default talk button, “v” is the settings hotkey.

– Rolled back UniDict version to fix issue in which hammers could not create material plates.

Build Showcase:

Some of the builds on the server are pretty cool, here’s some from around spawn!

QuadSquad Electricity

By: Kod0ku, Nashi

A plan to create electricity for all of spawn.


By: maxgb2000

At least someone is utilising the desert near spawn.

Build Shitlist:

Honourable mention to potentially the worst base of all time:

The Tumour – By SpilledBread

Bread claims he will improve the base with facade’s, but……..

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