We never rely on third-party game server providers, so we host our own software on our own dedicated servers. Our servers are hosted on the best single core performance chips and usually pair with an NVMe raid array and 128GB of RAM. Though based in Finland, we can deploy a server anywhere in the world.

Valheisia 5

Version: 5.2.1 - IP: val.miralis.network

Venture forth into the captivating world of Valhelsia 5, where adventure awaits at every corner. This expertly curated modpack invites seasoned adventurers and crafters to dive into a meticulously crafted blend of magic, technology, and exploration. With new biomes.


Version: 1.2 - IP: ast.miralis.network

Embark on an extraterrestrial journey in Astropolis! Build space stations, craft advanced tech, and explore vast galaxies. Join us and conquer the stars!

AllTheMods 8

Version: 1.1.0 - IP: atm8.miralis.network

Dive into AllTheMods 8! Experience cutting-edge mods and endless creativity in this ultimate modded Minecraft playground. Your all-in-one adventure awaits!


Version: 1.16.5 - IP: bmc.miralis.network

Upgrade your Minecraft with BetterMC! Enjoy subtle enhancements for a richer, smoother, and more immersive game. It's vanilla - only better. Join the refinement!

Limitless 7

Version: 0.35.1 - IP: ll7.miralis.network

Embark on Limitless 7! Discover a vast array of mods in this epic, ever-evolving pack. Create, explore, and redefine your Minecraft world. Adventure awaits!

MC Eternal

Version: - IP: mce.miralis.network

Unleash an immersive adventure with magic, tech, and quests galore! Encounter new worlds and creatures. Eternal fun starts here!

Stoneblock 3

Version: LATEST - IP: sb3.miralis.network

Mine, craft, survive! Unearth the depth of possibilities in this underground world where the stone is just the beginning. Your cave awaits!

Seaopolis 2

Version: LATEST - IP: se2.miralis.network

Submerge into an aquatic quest! Forge underwater havens, master marine tech, and explore oceanic depths. Make waves in your adventure!

SkyFactory 4

Version: 4.2.4 - IP: sf4.miralis.network

Reinvent the skyblock experience with innovative mods, sky-high tech, and new worlds. Touch the clouds and craft your skybound saga!


Version: 1.1.9 - IP: vol.miralis.network

Brave the heat, master the volcano, and forge through fiery challenges. Erupt your creativity in a land of molten possibilities!

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