Miralis’ Revelation Server Release


Miralis’ Revelation is a 1.12.2 general all-purpose modpack. This modpack was created to be stable, and cater to as large an audience as possible, which means a mod count of over 200. This mod count consists of tech, magic, exploration, and building mods to make your experience the best it possibly can be, whilst also being optimised and stable.

Revelations consists of well-known mods such as EnderIO, Mekanism, Thaumcraft, Botania, Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics, Immersive Engineering, The Twilight Forest, and Project Red, as well as sub-mods to improve your experience further, like Magic Bees and AE2 Wireless Terminal Library. Miralis’ fork adds on further to the FTB Team’s design choices by adding large mods such as Advanced Rocketry, Mystical Agriculture, and Alchemistry, whilst also adding additional sub-mods like Thaumic Additions: Reconstructed, Thaumic Energistics, Extra Botany, and Mystical Agradditions. These minimal changes to FTB’s Revelation will give you even more flexibility to do what you want.

Miralis’ Revelation may be the perfect modpack for you if you wanted more out of FTB’s Revelation, such as the ability to travel to space or simply more in-depth Mekanism, Thaumcraft, and Botania.

CurseForge Description

Modpack List:

Hasaku has collated all the mods he has added to this collection into a google forms sheet you can view below!

Setup Guide:

Install Curseforge from the link below

  1. Install CurseForge
  2. When installed, go to the Minecraft tab, search for “Miralis’ Revelations” Click on it.
  3. Hit the orange Install button.
  4. Hit the orange Play button when installation has finished.
  5. Hit play again on the Minecraft launcher, the server should already be added to the list.
  6. (Optional) To increase RAM allocation for extra performance, hit “Installations” on the Minecraft launcher, hit the three dots on the mod pack profile, hit edit, hit More Options, and update JVM arguments to: -Xmx8096m -Xms256m or whatever memory you have free.


  1. Please ensure that you build near spawn – there has been a build area setup around spawn and you can build anywhere that isn’t claimed, this is to reduce the loaded chunks and improve performance but to also help new players find their bearings.
  2. Even if a players stuff is unclaimed, don’t fuck around with it unless you have permission.

IP and Troubleshooting:

The IP is currently just: miralis.network – this should already be in your server list.

If you are having issues with the modpack, please join the Discord. This is so Ignition can create your profile and setup your account on our systems, which will likely be the source of your issue.

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