Astropolis Server

Skyblock, in space.

Astropolis propels the familiar sandbox mechanics of vanilla Minecraft into the realm of space exploration and advanced technology. As an experienced player, you’ll find the fundamental survival and building aspects you love, recontextualized among the stars, where gathering resources and crafting take on an interstellar nature. You’ll venture beyond traditional biomes, constructing customizable space stations as your new base of operations, and piloting spacecraft to explore procedurally generated planets with unique environmental challenges.

Embrace the complexity of new tech trees and machinery that go beyond anything in vanilla, as you engineer life support systems, manage power networks, and adapt to zero-gravity—all while unlocking the mysteries of a vast, procedurally generated universe that expands on the excitement of exploration and creation you’re accustomed to on Earth.


This server is powered by Miralis gameDirector, allowing for global chat among all our servers, global levelling system and real money balance system. It’s free!



Use CurseForge and search in Minecraft Modpacks for Astropolis. 4GB+ of RAM assigned to it is recommended.

Version: 1.2

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There are no banned items, the rules are the usual, we feel like you’ll be adult enough to know by now.

Open the quest book to start the pack and get your own island!

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